#1 Overviews and articles

The two most important page types are Overview and Article.

An article consists of text, images and video in any order. This page you are reading is an example. In an article, things are ordered top-down, in reading order.

Overview pages, on the other hand, can look in different ways. There are currently 4 variations, sidescroll, varied size images, same size images and blog. You can see examples on the front page. My aim is to add more variety to this selection as things go along.

Once you have some content uploaded, you can switch overview style to see how things look in different configurations.

A regular, simple structure would be to have an overview as the front page, and some articles underneath. Like, a blog.

Or, you can have a more complex structure...

or, just an article as front page...

Here is how you add an overview and make a project appear in that overview